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Allied Powder Coating with exceptionally long ovens and proprietary technics has applied powder coating finishes on long poles and pipe of every kind for over twenty years. Even other coating companies send APC the hard to handle jobs.

As an industrial coating applicator APC has applied many kinds of coatings for the oil and refining industries. By chance and through experience we have come up with a two part coating system that will last in the Houston weather, with minimum fade of the top coat color, for at least 10 years. Our samples are at 12 yrs now and look as if they’ll be fine for another 5 to 10 years.

Our trained application crew will come to your location and apply or two day two-step process. The coating will be dry to the touch in 24 hrs it will feel and look thick like a protective coating should. It will take several week for the coating to harden like the powder coating, but once it is hard the impact resistance and durability are similar to powder coating, with is also a cross-linking material.

  • If there is severe rust damage we can do welding repairs before the application.

  • We offer texture and smooth finishes in our color choice on the top coat.

  • Let allied powder coating take the worry out of maintaining your quality poles and keep the facilities looking new.

When comes to preparation and care of metal, regardless of the kind or condition Allied Powder Coating can provide the solution and get it done!!

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