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Are your fences and metal structures cracking, peeling, and showing signs of heavy rust and corrosion?

Allied Powder Coating is proud to offer a full range of coating solutions to handle all of your metal restoration and repair. Whether it’s for the neighborhood entry gate, the fences surrounding the community pool, or the light poles around the tennis courts, Allied has the ability to do on-site and in-house repair work. Let Houston’s Most Respected Coater handle the needs of your home, your neighborhood, and your community.

Specialists in Onsite Protective Coatings & Electroplating Finishes

Security Fences • Street Lamps • Entry Gates • Parking Lot Poles •
• Drive Gates • Pool Enclosures • Playground Equipment •
• Bridges • Railings • Balconies

Ask your representative about our Warranty Program with Annual Inspections. available to ensure longevity and durability over the years.

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