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Allied repairs and refinishes a wide range of outdoor furniture products. We have 30 years experience with a proven track record of providing fast and dependable service in Houston.

No job too large or too small!

Allied provides a variety of services to restore your outdoor furniture to it’s original beauty, including blast cleaning, re-upholstering and custom fabricated cushions, umbrellas, slings, straps, welding, glass table top replacement, and metal frame refinishing.

Ask About Our Warranty

Allied offers a huge assortment of Vinyl Straps, Fabric, and powder coating color choices:

  • Available Vinyl Strap Colors, Click Here

  • Available Fabric Styles for Slings, Umbrellas, and Cushions Click Here

  • Allied Powder Coating offers an array of standard powder coating colors. Click Here

  • Special order colors are also available.  Click Here

Allied offers pickup and delivery services. Just click here for a commercial quote and we will respond back to you with a price estimate for your needed repairs. We also have a showroom at our main facility in Houston. Feel free to drop by and meet one of our sales representatives.

The Patio Furniture Restoration Process


We make outdoor furniture look brand new.  Here’s what we do:

  1. We inspect each piece of furniture upon arrival for water and/or rust damage and any loose welds.

  2. We blast clean to remove all rust and old paint which prepares the surface for maximum powder coating adhesion.

  3. Any authorized welding repairs are made, and broken feet are replaced.

  4. Apply powder coating finish in selected color.

  5. Bake in the oven at over 450 degrees.

  6. Inspection for Quality.

  7. Install slings, straps, cushions or any accessories (if necessary).

  8. We deliver furniture back to customer location.

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