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Allied Powder Coating now provides cleaning and maintenance services for patio furniture as a one time service or on a regular schedule.

Pool chlorine/salt, suntan oils, tree sap, bleach, solvents and many commercial cleaning solutions may cause the painted and vinyl finishes on patio furniture to fail.

To avoid the deterioration of your fine patio furniture we recommend a regularly scheduled cleaning service. The new Clean Care program has been developed in order for us to offer this service to our customers and help keep your patio furniture looking new for years.

  • Professional Diagnostic Check

  • Clean and Care Program

  • Professional, Safe Cleaning of:

    • Frames

    • Straps

    • Slings

    • Cushions

    • Umbrellas

  • High Quality Waxing of Frames

  • Repair or Replace Umbrellas

  • Replace Worn Plastic Feet Inserts

  • Work Performed at Your Home

  • After Cleaning Protectant Applied

  • Scheduled Annual Maintenance

Keep Your Patio Furniture Looking Like New!

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