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Congratulations you have found the real deal—the original—the company starting the first full—service patio furniture refinishing in the country. We’ve been through the curves and learned. We’ve always passed these savings on to our customers, so now!!

What the Warranty Covers


Coating Failure

  • Corrosion

  • Peeling

  • Delamination

Slings & Straps

  • Sling fabric fitting

  • Tight straps

Repairs and Re-Assembly

  • Smooth welding finishes

  • Worn hardware replaced

  • Proper leveling and deflection of surfaces

What does the 5 year warranty cost?


The warranty does not cost anything, it is free!!

We do not warrant damage from use or traffic so the only cost to the warranty, which is a benefit, is an annual inspection or Clean/Care service.

For $50/year our Quality Control will come by (with and appointment, dressed in our shirt with logo) inspect and photo the furniture for any warranty or traffic damages.

Or we will provide the service of a clean/Care on the furniture, usually less than $200 (depending on the kinds of chairs and tables).

The clean/Care service keeps the finish like new and cleans tree sap, oils and soils off. The fabric is cleaned for freshness preventing any mildew or other smells from the environment. Vinyl Strapping is also cleaned to remove any unsightly oils and soils.

If we find a problem, there is no cost to you, we take the furniture repair and return to your home.


  1. We do not warranty furniture within 20 miles of the ocean. (Limited Warranty available)

  2. We must perform inspection or Clean/Care once a year.

  3. Traffic damage or use damage is not covered.

  4. Damage from lawn maintenance, mis-use or handling of furniture is not covered.

Our goal is to provide a service for all corrosion needs our customer might have on the property and to decrease the cost of corrosion to the consumer and the environment.




When it comes to the silent erosion of corrosion prevention is paramount!!
Corrosion is a $6 Trillion cost in the US and the environmental impact to replace the destruction not far behind.

We're Beautifying Houston One Backyard at a Time!!

Since 1990

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